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Doug Deeken


The County Chairperson is the chief officer of the county party organization.  She has the duty and responsibility of building, maintaining and directing the party's organization so that the party fulfills its purpose and achieved its goal of maximum support for local, state, and national Republican candidates.  The County Chair's responsibilities and powers are as follows:

1. Preside over committee meetings;

2. Be familiar with the Ohio Republican Party's plan of organization and election laws;

3. Fill all party offices and committees with capable, functioning people, encouraging broad geographical, racial, and social representation for this county;

4. Accept the primary responsibility for seeing that each officer and committee fulfills their duties and responsibilities;

5. Represent the party to the public and press, maintaining the best public relations and appointing persons to active positions; and

6. The chairman may also add to any o fher officers such responsibilities and duties as she may deem apporiate or necessary and shall advise those additional responsibiilities and duties in writing to the Central and Executive Committees and their secretaries.


Sue's experience:

2013 Graduate of Jo Ann Davidson Leadership Institute

Alternate Delegate to RNC – 2012

President Wayne County Republican Women 2006-2012

Ohio Federation of Republican Women  - Tribute to Women Honoree – 2011

Vice Chairman of Wayne Metropolitan Housing Authority

Wayne County Chairman Cong. Jim Renacci Fundraising Committee

Wayne County Chairman Justice Sharon Kennedy Fundraising Committee


Lifetime resident of Wooster.  member Grace Brethren Church

Contact Information: 

11845 Coal Bank Rd

Doylestown OH  44230